Summer camp craft activity /summer camp simple paper and ice stick craft for kids

summer camp craft activity |summer camp simple paper and ice stick craft for kids 

Summer camp easy craft for kids:
Summer Camp craft helps small kids build confidence  to succeed in school. Unlock your kid's creativity .
Simple paper craft for your kids, you can easily make this at home, just you need some material likes ice- cream stick, watercolor, white paper, pencil, scissors. You can make your kids favorite character or any favorite things of your kids like favorite summer food, fruits, or any favorite things.
 let's make with me simple summer camp craft for kids at home.
first be make simple ice-cream craft.

Materials be used on this paper craft:
  • Pencil
  • Colors
  • Watercolor
  • Ice-stick
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors   
  1. Ice-cream craft: In summer all most all kids favorite is only one is ICE-CREAM, my kids also favorite dessert  is ice cream. lets make some ice cream craft for kids. first we need some white paper then draw some ice-cream ,then fill your favorite color on it, pink, orange, any color .then cut the  paper ice-cream. now ice-cream paper cut is ready now stick on this ice-cream stick. 
  2. Watermelon craft: Now second craft be make summer favorite fruit watermelon ,we need white paper now draw watermelon. then fill the color on watermelon picture , then cut out the watermelon picture. On last step stick the watermelon picture on ice-cream stick.  
  3. Paper sun craft: Third craft we make sun, first draw the sun on the white paper then fill the color yellow, orange and red on it. then cut the sun picture and stick on the ice-cream stick, now summer sun craft ready for kids.

4.umbrella craft: Now we make umbrella , in summer umbrella r is also very important specially if you going to the outside at home. lets make summer umbellar craft . Draw a picture of umbrella with pencil then color on it your choice.then cut out the picture of umbrella,then stick the umbrella picture on ice-cream stick.

5. Butterfly craft: Now we make a beautiful butterfly craft.1st draw the picture of butterfly on white plane paper then color on it,then after that cut out the picture of butterfly paper shape .now stick the paper butterfly on ice-cream stick.

6. Mango craft: Now draw the picture of mango ,then color on it then cut out the picture of paper mango after that stick the paper mango on ice-cream stick,mango paper craft I'd ready.


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