3 Modes of Transport School Project model for kids, & Transport Short Essay and Coloring worksheets/Transport Drawing for kids

Modes of Transport School Project for kids, & Transport short essay /Transport Coloring worksheets for kids and class 1 and class 2.

Means of Transport :

Transport: Some places are closer to our house, But some places are far away. We cannot go everywhere on foot. It would take a long time to reach far off places on feet. We use vehicles to travel from one place to another destination. Vehicles are also used to carry goods from one place to another place. These are known as means of Transport. 

We walk when we go to our next-door neighbor. But we take a van, car or a bus when we go to school. All these means of transport run on wheels. Some have two wheels, some have three wheels and some have four wheels. Trains have more wheels than other vehicles. Airplane and trains are faster means of transport. They carry us over a long distance in less time. The train runs on railway tracks. Airplanes fly in the air. Ships sail on the sea. They carry people and goods to far off places.

Former times, animals were used as a means of transport. Like camels, bull, horse, and elephant can carry over a hundred and then with the development of technology, a mode of transports such as the car, bus, train, cycle, rickshaw, Airplane, and rocketship was invented. These are all means of Transport

Mode of transport: Its main three types of Transport, land transport, water transport, air transport. Bus, car, cycle, motorcycle, train, truck, jeep, etc are land transport. The next mode is water transport, water transport only travel on water, not on the land and air, boat, ship, yacht, submarine, etc are water transport and the next transport mode is air transport, air transport only fly on the air. Airplane, helicopter, rocket air balloon, etc are the air transport.

Means of Transport: Means of transport can be of land/road, water or air,

  • Bus 
  • Ship
  • Car
  • Helicopter
  • Tanga
  • Train
  • Airplane
  • Bullock-cart
  • Bicycle
  • Tractor
  • Boat
  • Scooter
  • Autorickshaw
  • Bus

Different Types of Means of  Transport:

  1. Land Transport
  2. water Transport
  3. Air Transport
  1. Land Transport:  Bus, Train, Cycle, Jeep, Motorcycle, Cars, autorickshaws, Buses, Scooters move on Road/land. They are the means of land transport. They all have four wheels, three wheels, and two wheels.

  • Bus
  • Train
  • cycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Jeep
  • car
  • Bus
  • Scooter
  • Autorickshaws

Air Transport: Aeroplane and helicopters fly in the air and are means of air transport. Air transport fastest transport.
  • Helicopter
  • Airplane
  • Hot Air Ballon 
  • Space Ship
  • Rocket

Water Transport: Boats and ships sail in the water. They are the means of water transport.

  • Ship
  • Yacht
  • Steamer
  • Boat

In villages, bullock-cart, bus, tongas, tractors, and cycle are the Main means of Land transport.

 How to teach kids Means of Transport easily with a craft activity?

Children learn easily with a craft activity because they love a craft activity and learn easily with a craft activity rather than reading.

How to make a transport craft project for preschool :

Very easy steps to Make modes of transport project for Kids. As you know there are three main modes of transport. Air transport, Road/Land transport, and water transport. I will show you how to create a transportation project for children with these easy steps, and In this activity, children learn easily and quickly. And We need some materials to make a transport project. Let's make a transport school project for kids.

We need some materials: 

  • color paper
  • colors
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Cardboard

Step 1: 1st step collect all material.

Step 2: First, we make a Land transport craft, take a white paper and cut it in the center. And then draw a picture of the Train on paper and color it as you wish, then cut the train picture.

Step3: Now draw the track of the train with black color on the paper. Then, Make 2 holes in the sides of the track, then put a thread in it. 

Then, paste a train picture on the thread.

Step 4: Next step we make an Air transport craft, take a white paper, and cut it in the center. And then draw a picture of the airplane on paper and color it as you wish, then cut the train picture.

Step 5: Draw a cloud picture and color as you wish, Then draw a line center and cut the drawn line.

Now cut a strip and paste the picture of the plane on it.

Step6: Now, we make a Water transport craft, take a white paper and cut it in the center. And then draw a picture of the Ship on paper and color it as you wish, then cut the ship picture. 
Or  If you want to make this paper boat, see the picture. Now cut a strip and paste the picture of the Boat or paper boat on it.

Step 7: After these steps, Now we need a white chart or cardboard to glue all the crafts in one place.
Step 8: After gluing all the crafts in one place, now our transport project is ready.

How to easily teach children about transportation?
You can easily teach children about transportation with these steps.
First, teach your children about transportation, then introduce them to the craft activity.
You can also introduce transport with a craft activity.
You can also teach them with "Wheels the yellow Bus" rhymes.
You can also create and teach these transport projects(LAND TRANSPORT, AIR TRANSPORT, AND WATER TRANSPORT).
With art activity and craft activity, kids learn easily and quickly because kids love the craft.
First, teach them about land transport with a simple example and toys(Bus toy, truck toy, airplane toy, train toy).

Transport Easy Coloring worksheets for kids :
  1. Air Transport Easy Coloring worksheet
  2. Water Transport Easy Coloring worksheet
  3. Land Transport Easy Coloring worksheet

1.Air Transport  Easy Coloring worksheet:

2.Water Transport Easy Coloring worksheet:

3.Land Transport Easy Coloring worksheet:

Drawing of Transport easy steps: 

Bus vehicle rhymes for kids: With easy Rhyme, you can also teach your kids about vehicles, best rhymes for kids.

Best toys for Transport: Bus toy, Truck toy, car toy, train toys, boat toys, all vesicles toys are best for kids to play and learn for transport

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