2023 Handmade beautiful simple Grandparents day card craft & 21 Best useful gifts lists for your grandparents

Simple and beautiful handmade Grandparents day card craft

Grandparents Day is celebrated in September each year, and you can give this handmade card gift to your grandparents.

I will tell you how you can get a beautiful grandparents' card from Easy Steps.
And you can give this handmade card gift to your grandparents, They will be very happy to see this card made by you,
You just got to follow these simple steps, I will teach you to step by step,
Let's start making beautiful grandparents, 'cards.
Step1: In the first step, you need all the materials, so that we can make cards, let's see what we want,

Some materials Are required:
  • Color paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • colors
  • Color pen
  • Cotton
  • Marker
Step 2:First take a color paper, You can take any color paper. 
Then fold the paper and cut it from the center,
Step3: Now draw a circle on the paper, then cut this circle, two circles are needed to make a face,
Step 4:Now we are made the face of Grandfather from one circle, and the face of Grandmother from 2 circles.
step 5:First created the Grandmother face, for that take one circle and make another small circle, Now put the small circle in the big circle with glue like I did,
Step 6:Now draw a hair with a pen, then take cotton and make the hair of it, look at the picture as I have done. Now cut the extra cotton, then make eyes, nose, mouth all with a black pen,
step 7: Now we have made the face of the Grandfather, take a black pen or marker and make a face, then take cotton and put hair, Do as I do,
Step 8: Now take a plan color paper, fold it from the center, and put both faces inside the card, then make a body with a pen or marker.
Then decorate it as you wish, otherwise, you can make it like me,

Step 9:Now make the front of the card, for this, also cut two small circles, make grandmother face in one circle and make grandfather face in 2 circles.
Step10: Now after this, Write with any color marker, (happy Grandparents day)and write whatever you want to write,
The card is ready, and you can make and decorate the card like, you believe it, and how you felt the card and What did your grandparents say by looking at the card, you made, then comment in the comment box

 (Happy Grandparents Day to all)

21 Best useful gifts lists for your grandparents :

  1. Handmade Greetings card
  2. Eyeglass Glass Holder
  3. Coffee mug
  4. Milk mug
  5. Tablets box
  6. Medicine box
  7. Cusion
  8. Smart watch
  9. Medicine Organizer Reminder Storage
  10. Hot water bag for pain and relief
  11. Walking Adjustable stick
  12. Foot Massager Machine
  13. Blood Pressure Monitor Machine
  14. Blood Glucose Meter Kit
  15. Comfortable shoes
  16. Comfortable slippers
  17. Rocking comfortable Chair 
  18. Family photo album
  19. Photo frame
  20. Cookies box
  21. Blanket

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