Symbols of India simple 5 craft for kids & National symbols of India school project & Must know for every Indian kid about symbols of INDIA

Symbols of India simple craft for kids, and Must know for every Indian kid about National symbols of INDIA :

 School Project on National Symbols of India and simple Craft for National Symbols and Importance of National Symbols:

Importance of National Symbols: Every nation represent its unity and uniqueness through certain  National symbols such as National Flag, National emblem, and so on. a nation id define not just by geographical boundaries but also by its culture, territory, and value like Patriotism brotherhood, and religious tolerance we must always respect our national symbols and preserve them care

 List of National Symbols :
  1. National Flag
  2. National emblem
  3. National anthem
  4. National song
  5. National currency
  6. National heritage animal
  7. National animal
  8. National aquatic animal
  9. National reptile
  10. National bird
  11. National flower
  12. National tree
  13. National river
  14. National cockade
  15. National fruits
  16. National Game

      List of India National Symbols:
  1. National Flag-------------------------Tiranga 
  2. National emblem---------------------Lion Capital of Ashoka Satyameva Jayate 
  3. National anthem----------------------Jana Gana Mana
  4. National song--------------------------Vande Mataram
  5. National currency---------------------Indian rupee ("₹, INR")
  6. National heritage animal-------------Indian elephant
  7. National animal-------------------------Royal Bengal Tiger
  8. National aquatic animal---------------South Asian river dolphin
  9. National reptile--------------------------King cobra
  10. National bird-----------------------------Indian Peacock
  11. National flower---------------------------Lotus
  12. National tree------------------------------Indian banyan Tree
  13. National river----------------------------- the Ganges
  14. National cockade-------------------------cockade
  15. National fruits----------------------------Mango
  16. National Sport----------------------------Hockey
  17. National Vegetable-----------------------pumpkin

  1. National Flag of India: (National Flag of India is Tiranga) The National Flag is the most important symbol of any nation. our national flag signifies our freedom and unity. the flag was hoisted for the first time on 15 August 1947 on the Red Fort in Delhi, the day India got its freedom from British rule. The National flag has three horizontal bands of equal width its also called the Indian Tricolor, the Top band is saffron in color, indicates sacrifice, strength, courage. The next Middle band is a white color and Dharma chakra in the center, white color signifies Peace and Truth, and middle of the white color band Dharma chakra is Blue wheels with 24spokes and inspired by wheels appear on Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath. and the Green band at bottom of the flag stands for the prosperity of the land.
  2. The National emblem of India: (National emblem of India is Lion Capital of Ashoka Satyameva Jayate )This is our National Emblem. National Emblem means the symbol of our country. this was made by the great king Ashoka. It is the seal of the Indian Government. and appear permanently on government vehicles, government documents, currency notes, letters, and envelopes. the Indian National Emblem was adopted from Lion's head on Ashoka Pillar and Sarnath. There are four Lions standing back to back and facing the four directions at the base, there are four animals-a bull, horse, elephant, and lion. these are carved and are separated from each other by a wheel. The Indian National emblem signifies 'Satyameva Jayate' or 'Truth alone Triumphs'
  3. National Anthem : (National Anthem of India is 'Jana-Gana-Mana') The national anthem of India 'Jana-Gana-mana' was written by the great poet and writer Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. The national anthem is a symbol of unity and is played or sung on various occasions and Indian National festivals like Independence Day and Republic day. whenever the national anthem is being played, it is expected of every Indian to stand in attention as a mark of respect.
  4. National song: (National song of India is 'Vande Mataram') The song Vande Mataram composed by Bankimchandra Chatterji is regarded as the National song of India.
  5. National currency: National currency of India is the 'Indian rupee' ("₹, INR")
  6. National heritage animal: National heritage animal is the 'Indian elephant'
  7. National animal: National animal is the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'
  8. National aquatic animal: National aquatic animal is the 'South Asian river dolphin'
  9. National reptile: National reptile is the 'King cobra'
  10. National bird: National bird is the 'Indian Peacock'
  11. National flower: National flower is the 'Lotus'
  12. National tree: National tree is the 'Indian banyan Tree'
  13. National river: National river is the 'Ganges'
  14. National cockade: National cockade is the 'cockade'
  15. National fruits: National fruits is the 'Mango'
  16. National Sport: National Sport is the 'Hockey'
  17. National Vegetable: National Vegetable is the 'pumpkin'

School Project Craft on National Symbols of India for Kids: (Festival of India school project model)

  1. Peacock craft 
  2. Pumpkin craft 
  3. Mango craft
  4. Lotus craft 
  5. Tiger craft
National symbols Peacock craft for kids: National symbols Peacock craft for kids it's very easy for kids, I will show you how to make this beautiful craft for kids with very simple steps. first, we need some materials to make  like color paper, colors, watercolor, marker, scissors let's start to make this beautiful craft for kids

National symbols Pumpkin craft for kids: National symbols Pumpkin craft for kids it's very easy for kids, I will show you how to make this beautiful Pumpkin Papercraft for kids with simple steps. first, we need some materials to make like color paper, colors, marker, scissors let's start to make this beautiful Pumpkin paper craft for kids.

India National symbols Lotus craft :

India National symbols Tiger craft :

National Flag of India: National Flag Tiranga
The National Flag is the most important symbol of any nation. our national flag signifies our freedom and unity.
National symbols of India drawing:

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