Why Parenting style is very important for child's mental health? How to know if your child is depressed?

Why Parenting style is very important for child's mental health? how to give good upbringing to children

The interaction between the parent and the child affects the mental health of the kids. If your kids is happy, active, then it means that you are providing the right care, but if the child cries all the time or gets more angry then you need to pay attention to how the environment of your home is. It has often been seen that in the house where there are conflicts between the parents, the children remain in fear and gradually become a victim of depression. To avoid this, you should keep mutual quarrels away from children.

  • Ignoring a child's talk can have a bad effect on his mental health.

  •  If you do not give importance to the choice of the child, then he will not get confidence and he will feel scared all the time.

  •  Keeping the child too close can also worsen his mental health, which can cause irritability to the child.

  •  If you are not able to give much time to the child, then at least talk to him for some time throughout the day, this will not make the child feel lonely.

  •  If a child is scolded daily, his mental health may deteriorate.

  •  The mental health of children who have conflicts with their parents can also deteriorate.

  •  Even if you behave more strictly than the child as you are growing up, then the mental health of the child can deteriorate.

  •  The mental health of children who do not talk between the parents and the children or the parents do not give time to the child can also deteriorate.

How to know if your child is depressed? (5 Signs of depression in kids)

  •  If the child becomes upset with social company or crowds of people, it can also be a symptom of depression.
  •  If the child does not like to play or talk with children of his age, then it can be a sign of depression.
  •  If the child is falling sick again and again then this is not a good symptom, you should take him to the psychiatrist immediately, it may be due to fear or depression.
  •  Even if the child refuses to go to school or does not want to talk to anyone, you can still identify that the child is suffering from stress or depression.
  • Your child alone every time, then he may have symptom of depression.
To improve the mental health of the kids, follow these things-

To talk to children, you have to use their language, that is, know the child's problem with love in simple words.

 You should also participate in his habits and things that he likes, for example, if the child likes a sport or activity, then you should also participate with him.

 To keep the child's mental health better, talk openly on every issue related to him.

 It is not appropriate to scold the child all the time for creating fear, because of this the children start getting scared and are not able to openly speak their mind, so instead of scolding the child, explain it with love.

 If the child insists on something, instead of scolding him, tell about the disadvantages and advantages of that thing so that the child understands the difference between right and wrong.

4 Brain exercises for kids to development:

Problem solving skills PUZZLES .
Chess can be a good option for improve their critical thinking skills.
Puzzles games.

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