40+Best activities for kids indoor games/ How do you keep your kids away from television and phones? List of activities for kids

How do you keep your kids away from television and phones?

Best Activities for kids indoor games:
How do you keep your kids away from television and phones? Keep it, and that too when children's lockdown Since the children are at home and cannot go out of the house nor can they do any outdoor activity, in such a way, children watch cartoons all day on television and mobile phones, and other members of the home also stay on the phone and If food is also to be eaten, then children watched cartoons on television or mobile phones, for a while, it is good for time pass, but this habit can have a bad effect on children, You can do indoor activities with your children, there are many activities that you can do inside the house, this will pass your time and children's activity will also happen, due to this the children also become happy and it will help them a lot. would like, Come: Let's see what activities for kids you can do with them! activities for kids indoor games 
List of activities for kids
 1. Fantasy Games 
 2. Art 
 3. Reading books and stories 
 4. Craft 
 5. Audiobooks 
 6. Educational game 
 7. Toys game 
 8. Puppet games 
 9. Hide and seek 
 10. Cake baking 
 11. Home cleaning 
 12. Bubbles Game Art
13. Yoga/Exercise
14. Dance
15. Singing
16. Baking without fire
17 Hide and Seek
18. Puzzle game
19. Science project
20. Learn about our country's Festivals
21. Boardgame
22. Hide and seek
23. Wash the soft toys
24. Making doll clothes 
25. Cleaning and dusting
26. Playdough activity
27. Vegetable stamp art
28.Handstamp painting/handprint
29. Rainbow painting
30. Color bubble art
31. Simple paper airplane
32. Paper boat
33. Spinner
34. Paper Windmill
35. Button craft
36. Icecream stick craft
37. Papercraft
38. Stone painting
39. Playdough 
40. Favorite dress up and favorite role play
41. write a story
42. Yoga
43. waterplay
44. face painting
45. indoor scavenger hunt

 1. Art activity:
  Art/Craft activity can keep some kids occupied for 1 hour or 2 hours. 
 However, if it is an independent activity, the kids should be able to do most of the setup and clean up on their own. So keep it simple! Younger kids tend to do projects that don't require cutting or you can do the cutting in advance. For the youngest kids, it can be as simple as coloring. This kid's fun activity will improve your little one's fine motor skills as they create unique pictures with a personal touch. 
2. Finger activity:
fingerprint artwork What you need paint on a sponge or ink pad paper or cardboard (if making a card) Paper towel/wet wipes - to wipe clean fingers after finger painting marker pens and colored pencils Activity Let your little one pop a finger in the paint or on the stamp pad and make fingerprints on the piece of paper. Once they have multiple fingerprints they can add features to each one to turn it into a single picture. Your little one is limited only by your combined imaginations and the time you have to make hundreds of small pictures. 

3. Toilet roll stamp art Empty toilet rolls can be the inspiration for many craft activities and recycled craft projects for kids. This fun stamping idea can even be made into a Valentine's Day art activity by squashing your toilet tube into a heart shape. What do you want some empty toilet roll tubes Color a large sheet of blank paper a plane paper plate (to use as a palette) All you have to do is squeeze a few blobs of paint onto a paper plate and then load the end of your tube for stamping. If you squash and pinch toilet tubes you can manipulate them into a heart shape and use that for some Valentine's Day cards and wrapping paper. 
4. Audiobooks With audiobooks, children can learn to appreciate the art of storytelling before they read. And children who can read can expand their horizons. Those who are not strong readers are good They should still be a real read when you are available to help, but if a child struggles with reading, there may not be time for independent reading when you are working. Audiobooks are expensive, but you can take them out to a local library to either check out the CDs or download them. 

5. Educational games: You can also look into podcasts for kids Educational games If you have a computer or tablet available for your kids during work hours, educational computer games provide some learning and some fun at the same time. These games keep kids thinking and that's what keeps boredom at bay. Consider setting time limits on electronic games, even educational ones, in advance, as it can be difficult for kids to disengage from II. Imagination game It's not something you can mandate or count on, but when it does, it's a beautiful thing. Young children are finicky at this, creating elaborate fantasies with stuffed animals or action figures. With older children, you can imagine them creating a play or writing a story. Also along these same lines - it's hard in that but it's wonderful when it's playing with pets or making music. 
6. Reading books and stories :
 Reading books and stories(stories book) Although many children under the age of 8 can read, it requires a certain level of proficiency for the child to be an independent activity. However, there are many wordless or almost wordless books. Nearly wordless books that will engage children of all ages and reading levels. And these are a great place to start because if you send a reader reluctant or struggling to read someday 
7. Toys game:
Toys game Board games, cards, construction toys, trains, playsets, and puzzles are some good toys that can keep kids engaged for hours. But sometimes some kids have to be reminded of these toys 
8. Bubbles game art:
Bubbles You don't have to go outside to enjoy the bubbles. For this indoor game, all you need is a plate and straw for each player, some dishwashing soap, and water. Place a dime-size drop of dish soap in the center of each plate. Pour some water on the plate and gently mix it with the dish soap until some suds start to form. Have children place the straw in the trunk and blow very gently. Massive bubbles begin to form. To make it competitive, see who has the biggest or longest-lasting bubble.
9. Freeze game
 Pick some of your kids' favorite tunes and turn up the volume. Ask them to dance until the music stops. When this happens, they have to stop in whatever position they see themselves in.
10. Craft activity :
Children love art and craft very much and children are more interested in art and craft than reading.
And we can do this craft at home, there are many craft websites where

you will find DIY craft videos.


11. Vegetable stamp art

12. Handstamp painting/handprint
13. Rainbow painting:

14. Color bubble art
15. Simple paper airplane:

16. Paper boat
17. Spinner

18. Paper Windmill:

19. Button craft:

20. Icecream stick craft:


22. Stone painting
23. Leaf painting:

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