32 Pre-Writing Activities for toddlers & Preschoolers and how to Improve kids Fine Motor Skills

How to teach kids to write easily & better, and how to encourage pre-writing skills in toddlers.

Teaching kids to write depends on a lot of factors such as the ease with which they can hold a pencil or a color pencil, their zeal to write or draw, their interest in small letters or Big letters, and more.

Not all kids learn to write in the same manner and teaching them can be a test of patience. Kidsactivities4fun  tells you about ways you can teach your kids to write the alphabet and numbers easily with fun activities. let's start.
Do not rush to the alphabet or number. Draw simple lines and shapes and ask your kids to copy them.

Kids can either use their fingers or small sticks to trace in the sand, rice, flour, etc.
Allow your kids time to move at his pace and learn through the process.

Write in Salt:

This is so much fun! Just pour rice meal, salt, sugar, or flour onto a tray. Then let your kids write with their fingers to make letters or numbers or line designs.

When you feel your kids are ready for papers and pencils, encourage them to draw shapes and lines before proceeding to letters.

Write on the chalkboard:
You can encourage your kids to write on dry erase boards, chalkboards, or Magna doodles.

Shoelace activity:

You can buy lacing cards or create your own from sheets or cardboard-like we did in lacing shoes or lacing cardboard shoes. It’s a really wonderful practice for fine motor skills!

How To Teach Your kids to write and hold a pencil:

1. How To Teach Your Kids To Write The Alphabet and number easily with fun:

2. How To Teach Your Kids To Hold A Pencil and Develop Proper Hand-Eye Coordination:

1. How To Teach Your kid To Write The Alphabet easily with fun:
write the alphabet shouldn’t be tough, but start with the uppercase letters and then migrate to lowercase, just to prevent confusions Alphabet among ‘p’, ‘q’, ‘t’, ‘l’, ‘i’, 'b',d,c,e, etc.

Explain shapes through various objects like balls, toy shapes, ice cream sticks, etc.
stimulate them to trace by writing a letter between two broad lines and ask him to join them.

draw on big paper and help them remember by speaking the structure out loud. For example: For ‘W’, you could teach your little one, “A small line across, a big line diagonal, and a small line across”. 
Explain basic shapes like a half-circle or two small circles.

Start slow and rough. Make big numbers, preferably on sand or rice. This would engage them in the activity. Move to smaller boxes gradually. Do not expect your kids to get the perfect number shape.
For numbers like 8, train them with curved lines first and then ask them to make it solid.

2.How To Teach Your Kids To Hold A Pencil and Develop Proper Hand-Eye Coordination:

Grips vary depending on the ease with which kids can write.
use small pencils or color pencils and improve the pencil grip.

How to teach kids to write easily & better, and how to encourage pre-writing skills in toddlers.

  1. when your baby is in pre-nursery don't just give them a pencil to hold or to write .you can make them practice at home before going to school.
  2. Start with paper crushing. give them lots of new paper or waste paper to do paper crushing and tell them to throw it into the dustbin and sing rhyme along with it. ( bits of paper)  so that child can enjoy it.it makes their grip strength. or crush in small balls and paste them in any pictures.
  3. Next activity you can do paper tearing and paste in any of the pictures drawn by you. use colour full papers. like glaze papers, or tissue paper, or any other paper which you have.
  4. Hand printing, leaf printing, vegetable printing or so on.
  5. Next scribbling, give them only crayons color or pastel colors and lots of plain white paper to do scribble.do this for at least 3 to 4 days.
  6. Next, give them simple pictures of the alphabet to color on it.it should be big.
  7. Next start with pattern writing, first starts with an only standing line with crayons, and don't give a pencil first, in starting put full dots so that your child can trace it. after getting perfection in it give them only two dots for each pattern .give them a colorful worksheet of standing line.
  8. Then sleeping line. both side slanting line, then both side curve line .then waves upper and lower curve .by using different creative worksheets you can teach them pattern writing. But only with crayons first.
  9. Single pattern writing should be done at least 3 to 4 days  .like this teaches all pattern writing and last repeat all together .remember use a creative worksheet full of pictures .and you can show some picture or rhyme related to this.
  10. Now start with pattern writing letters like T, F,l, H, E so on. give them one letter to write for at least 4 days and draw pictures of the related alphabet and tell your baby to color in it.do it daily, play rhymes, and sing together .like this your child will get perfection in writing and oral too.
  11. Next starts with the alphabet. And give them a pencil to write start with Capital letters only .and give them activity sheets like matching with pictures, color the pictures, encircle the following letter, and so on.
  12. Teach your kids to hold the pencil only with two fingers in the beginning. 
  13.  Exercise for a few days, make them hold a small block such as an eraser, sharpener, pencil box, etc., 

Fine motor activities for kids:

A fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscles of the body that enable such functions as writing, grasping small objects.

    1. Builds block tower
    2. scribbles on paper
    3. eats with a spoon
    4. holds crayon with fingertips and thumb
    5. washes hands
    6. uses a spoon and fork correctly
    7. zips and unzips clothes
    8. unbuttons and buttons clothes
    9. uses scissors to cut paper
    10. traces shapes on paper
    11. Finger paint together.
    12. Let your child set the dinner table.
    13. Teach your child how to pour their own drinks.
    14. paste things onto paper
    15. clap hands
    16. touch fingers
    17. button and unbutton
    18. work a zipper
    19. build a tower of 10 blocks   
    20. Tracing
    21. Writing activities
    22. coloring
    23. Shoe lacing

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